Welcome to IndustronFountains for around 40 years, we have been at the forefront of fountain and water features business: from portable to simple garden fountains to musically dancing designs, from interactive fountains to massive waterfalls, from water curtains to laminar jets, from multi-pattern to high-tech “laminar effect water screens”. The required experience and technology are there to design and supply whatever fountain or water feature our clients may desire.

Our experience has taught us one thing: what we do goes beyond all physical aspects of fountain design and building, so much so that we have become part of the sense of place and the histories of numerous locations around the country.
Among many others, fountains supplied and installed by INDUSTRON include those at the Cultural Center of the Philippines; Luneta, Rizal Park; Lawton, Post Office; Rajah Sulayman; Trinoma Mall; Robinsons Malls and SM Mall of Asia; which have all become historical or well-known landmarks throughout the country.
We owe all our success to our clients who have all helped in making us Number .Feel free to browse our website to view our wide range of products as well as our past and recently-completed projects.


1.    EXPERIENCE. With over 40 years in the business of designing and supplying fountains to as many as 200 known or landmark installations, covering all types and kinds of fountains from the simplest to the most complex design, there will be customer confidence that the end-result shall be as desired and expected.
2.    TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE. Design engineering, working drawings, technical supervision and proper coordination with other contractors go with every project for top-quality results.
3.    RELIABILITY. All components are fabricated to specification or available at INDUSTRON INCORPORATED so that scheduled deliveries are met, without delays, and with quality materials and workmanship always assured.
4.    WARRANTY. Upon project completion, a Warranty Certificate is issued guaranteeing against defective workmanship and materials for one year: all items supplied and installed by INDUSTRON INCORPORATED, except only for replacement light bulbs.
5.    PARTS & SERVICE AVAILABILITY. Parts and service are always available from INDUSTRON INCORPORATED, so that there will be no long-period breakdowns for any future repair and maintenance work.

Moa Night
Musically Dancing Fountain in Paseo del Mar - Zamboanga
Musically Dancing Fountain - LUNETA
Musically Dancing Fountain in SM Lanang - Davao
Musically Dancing Fountain - LUNETA (2)
Musically Dancing Fountain in SM Lanang - Davao
1. Musically Dancing Fountain
INDUSTRON Musically-Activated Dancing Fountain which automatically dances to the music is controlled by an electronic control system that makes the water flow to the nozzles through custom-built electro-hydro valves for the fountain to dance with the music.
The High Performance Poly Amp Music System produces the realistic sound to which the fountain will dance according to its own interpretation of the music resulting in beautiful, entertaining water effects.
2. Interactive Fountains and Jumping Jets
INDUSTRON Interactive Fountains are those where people can directly interact and play with the fountain. Usually, interactive fountains shoot up water from the ground at programmed intervals to make a fun and exciting water show.
Interactive Fountains are usually on flat surfaces with a hidden pool at the bottom. When the fountain is off, the public can walk over the flat surfaces. These are ideal for parks playgrounds and poolside areas.
3. Multi-Pattern Fountains
Multi-Pattern Fountains are the economical alternative to Musically Dancing Fountains. These are designed and programmed to change from one fountain pattern to another, creating a "dancing fountain" effect.
4. Cascades and Waterfalls
Cascades and Waterfalls are characterized by water falling over steep rocks or over a series of succeeding small waterfalls. This creates a real waterfall effect and illuminated by fountain lights, thus results in more entertaining water feature effects. Ideal for resorts, plazas, malls and building facades.
Browse through our online portfolio featuring our previous projects, all of which have made us the Number One designer and builder of fountains and water features in the country.
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